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Terms & Conditions

CSA Terms & Conditions By purchasing a flower share with Sweetsong Flower Farm you agree to the following terms & conditions:

I understand that seasonal-specific flower availability can change quickly, or hardly at all, depending on the time of year, weather, disease, etc. I accept that my bouquets are subject to whatever flowers and colors are available at that time. In participating in a CSA, I will also share, to some degree, the risks of working alongside the unpredictability of flower farming.


I understand that each CSA's start date depends on seasonal conditions. My CSA will begin when the “seasonal flowers” are ready. Note: Everything here on the farm depends on seasonal conditions and is not always predictable; the flowers will bloom when they are ready; I acknowledge that I am willing to let nature take its course and dictate the start of availability.

I am aware that Sweetsong Flower Farm will communicate with me via email regarding the start and end of my CSA. I am responsible for contacting Sweetsong directly if I am not receiving updates. In participating in this CSA, I understand that I will be added to a mailing list, and I agree to add to my email contacts so that CSA updates do not inadvertently end up in my spam folder. It is not the responsibility of Sweetsong Flower Farm to ensure I take this precaution.

I acknowledge that I am free to contact Sweetsong Flower Farm via email at any time.


Payment & Claiming Flowers

I understand that all CSAs are pre-paid, and I can choose between three methods of claiming my flowers for each subscription. 1. Meet-Up at a designated location. 2. Pick-Up at the farm. 3. Delivery for an additional fee. I acknowledge that after I have purchased my CSA, my selected method for claiming flowers is fixed- i.e., I cannot switch from pick up to delivery, or vice versa. All subscriptions are for one bunch/bouquet per week for the specified number of weeks of the particular CSA purchased. As a subscriber, I will be notified via email when the CSA has begun. The start time is an approximation, i.e., early June.



I will commit to picking up my weekly bouquet as per my pick-up method selected at the time of my CSA purchase, i.e., Meet-Up location or Pick-Up at the farm, for the designated number of weeks per my chosen CSA. If I cannot pick up my bouquet(s) for any reason, I may send a designee in my place and will notify Sweetsong Flower Farm of that fact via email. Suppose I am unable to pick up my bouquets and unable to send a designee in my place. In that case, I understand that the unclaimed week's bouquet will be donated to a local nursing home in my honor and will no longer be available for that week. It is not the responsibility of Sweetsong Flower Farm to ensure the subscriber claims CSA bouquets. Missing a pick-up does not cause that week's bouquet to “roll over” to the following week for later pick-up. Any bouquets I cannot pick up within the 2021 growing season will be considered “unclaimed” and donated. I acknowledge and accept that in the event of any unclaimed bouquets of my purchased CSA, I will not receive a refund or credit in the value of the existing unclaimed bouquet(s), as this is the nature of a CSA.



I acknowledge that deliveries will take place weekly on designated days and times. I commit to bringing my weekly porch-delivery bouquet inside as soon as possible for the designated number of weeks of my chosen CSA. I assume responsibility for any damage to bunches and/or bouquets due to delays in bringing bouquets inside. Any bouquets I do not retrieve from the porch within the 2023 growing season will be considered “unclaimed”. I acknowledge and accept that, in the event of any unclaimed bouquet(s) of my purchased CSA, I will not receive a refund or credit in the value of the existing unclaimed bouquet(s), as this is the nature of a CSA.


Bouquet Care

Different flowers have different vase lives, and, as such, I understand that the vase life of my bunches/bouquets may vary significantly. Farm fresh flowers will be harvested no more than 24 hours before delivery or pick up. I acknowledge that, after I take possession of the bouquet, care to ensure the longest vase life is my responsibility. I understand that the best way to get the longest vase life out of my flowers includes, but is not limited to, the following recommendations: • Keeping my flowers in water at all times. • Take the rubber band off the stems. • Re-cutting the stem ends daily with a sharp tool. • Changing the water often. • Keeping the bouquet out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.

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