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DIY Flower Buckets

Our bulk buckets of freshly harvested blooms and foliage are perfect for creating a laid-back and casual atmosphere at your special event. You have the freedom to arrange and design the ambiance you desire. This option is ideal for outdoor venues such as rustic barns or lakesides.

What kind of flowers are in a bucket, and how many do I need?

​Our style uses a lot of texture and variety; each bucket will have a combination of flowers and foliage, around 90 stems. DIY buckets reflect about 1/3 focal flowers, 1/3 filler blooms, like cosmos or larkspur, and 1/3 foliage. A quart-size mason jar uses 10-20 stems depending on how airy or full you make the arrangements.​For those interested in purchasing our bulk buckets, prices start at $100 for a farmer's choice of color palette and $120 for a specific color scheme. The exact flower combination will depend on what is blooming that week, but you can refer to our Bloom Chart to get a rough idea of which flowers are in season for the timing of your event. Some premium flowers, such as peonies, lisianthus, and dahlias, are sold by the stem ($1 – $5). Bulk orders are available from mid-May to late September, our primary growing season. If you have a specific color scheme in mind, we recommend contacting us in late winter or even the fall before your event to see if we can accommodate your request.

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